Mark Randall Hedinger


Together we can create exceptional experiences, transform the way brands and industries operate, and offer measurable value to end-users and society as a whole.


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I'm an industrial designer. I'm good at designing holistic concepts and intricate systems. I help people and our planet live their best, easiest, and most meaningful life by empathizing with them through the difficulties they face and generating unique, goal-focused alternatives.


Where others see problems, I see solutions. I look at the world with awe for everything that is there and imagination for anything that might be missing. The people and the things I am surrounded by inspire me and lead me to craft all of what I create not just with passion and determination, but with genuine love.


Say hello if you're thinking of getting your next big thing started,  or if you would like to learn more about my work.

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New York City

Mark Randall Hedinger
Industrial Designer