Design a number of space- and brand-inspired furniture and interior concepts for a Virgin Galactic spaceport lounge.

Design development:

To develop this design, a number of prototypes were created. Starting with small-scale form studies made of polyurethane foam cylinders, leading eventually to a full size volumetric study and a full size ergonomic works-like prototype.

Designed for scale:

Manufacturing, shipping, and storage  of the chair are made easy by using a simple assembly of components that can be taken apart  by anybody.

The outcome:

The Samara bar stool, with its natural aerodynamics-inspired form and feather-light looks is an excellent addition to Virgin Galactic's lounges. It is fitted with a comfortable, soft-brushed tweed seat  that appears to hover weightlessly over the structure. The suspension foot rest provides additional comfort and makes getting on and off the chair effortless.


This design was presented as  a broadsheet-style folded brochure.

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New York City

Mark Randall Hedinger
Industrial Designer