A temperature-controlled clothing concept to reevaluate how we think of our wearables.


Design a clothing concept that is able to adapt its two core uses, warmth/protection and appearance, to  the wearer's unique circumstances and current liking.


A dynamic interface allows the wearer to make color and temperature changes on the go, while a replaceable super-slim battery pack offers convenience on longer days.


Printed circuits and conductors make use of the chameleon crystal-laced PLED fabric's unique properties by illuminating a touch-responsive interface on both sleeves. The interface offers the wearer a means to control both the temperature (heating/cooling) and appearance (colour/patterns) of the garment.


Thermaflex clothing consists of two main components, clearly defined regions of layer printed-in, semi-conducting inks . Positioned over high-blood flow areas for efficiency, they make use of the Peltier effect and regulate the garments temperature by alternating the current from the power source. The super-slim battery sits in an easily accessible, sewn-in pocket at the lumbar to ensure comfort through all movements and positions.


This design is presented in form of a vest and sweater combo. However, Thermaflex is universal and the same principles and technology can be applied to virtually any cut and type of garment.

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Mark Randall Hedinger
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