Ridesharing on Rails:

Traditional train travel builds on a 19th century paradigm - the idea that everybody would gather at the same place at the same time to go to roughly the same destination. This is not how modern commuters operate and ignoring this change in consumer behavior and the riders' subsequent needs has led to stagnant innovation within the light rail sector. This holistic NYC Subway revision concept is designed with commuters' comfort, convenience, and personal safety in mind, and aims to examine what we've been missing and where we could be going in the near future.

Coordination is Key:

Juxtaposition of the rider time line with that of the provider system at any point in time during a user's journey provides insight into a brand new NYC Subway experience.

All aboard, please:

While this project and its video presentation are mainly concerned with the design of a system that makes this kind of rail travel possible in the first place, this is what traveling in such a system might look like.

The Future of Rail Transit:

This system revision concept is based on real-world data and observation of New York's Subway system. It is designed to uphold service during transition. Publicly available information on its architecture and infrastructure were carefully evaluated and paired with scientific and empirical research. Research is available upon request.

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