A better backpack:

Generally, the better you pack, the easier your hike. The limitations to this are defined by our backpacks. Rove is a modular backpack that, in its premium-edition, transforms into your camp in seconds.

Sketch Models:

To visualize potential advantages and disadvantages of the various way in which a transforming frame could be built, I fashioned a number of small sketch models and with which I could replicate the movements.


Designating compartments to specific items and situations/tasks will improve the weight distribution of the objects, and ease of access.  Objects won't shift and don't take up extra space around the pack., thus improving the wearer's comfort and endurance. It also features a soft clothes compartment that can be used as a pillow, and an independent, fully removable food compartment, which can be hoisted into a tree, away from camp.

Fold Configuration:

To find a suitable configuration of compartments that would allow the bag to fold in a way that's  useful to the broader objective, a further series of sketch models was created. This is  the fold configuration I ended up choosing.


A number of other components are required to allow the backpack and frame to turn into a tent and cot, and make the shelter comfortable and habitable.


After building a full scale mock up and prototype, it made sense to revise the configuration of some of the compartments. Some significant changes include chamfering the upper wearer's side edge to allow for better head movement and the addition of a flat first aid compartment that can easily be removed without moving the backpack itself. This is to prevent the further worsening of  a potential injury.


The following video demonstrates the movement of the compartments on a full size mock-up as they fold.


A realistic, fully working, retail-grade prototype is currently being developed.

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